Hi Guys,

Welcome to my blog.

This has been a long time coming and something I kept telling myself I would do, but never seemed to find the time.  But here we are at last.

I’m very excited about this and I hope you guys are going to enjoy going on this journey with me.

A little bit about me, for those of you who don’t already know me – I live in Cape Town having grown up and studied in Joburg.  I’m the oldest of 3 girls and I’m very close to my family. I’m engaged to the most wonderful man on this Earth (still not quite sure how I got so lucky, but I’m not complaining) and we are in the process of planning our February 2017 Wedding in the Western Cape – by far my most exciting project.  I’m currently doing my articles at PwC en route to qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.

I love to travel, eat out and get dressed up at every possible opportunity.  I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, a qualified Scuba Diver and a Game Ranger for a game farm in Limpopo.

So I guess you could say I like to dabble in a bit of everything.  I don’t fit well into a box 😉

I was also fortunate enough to represent South Africa at the 2015 Touch Rugby World Cup in Australia which is probably one of the highlights of my life. Touch Rugby is also how my Fiance and I met, so the sport is very special to me.  It is also probably the most enjoyable form of exercise I have ever done.

I would like to use this blog to share my style and fashion tips, some health and fitness tips, travel stories, favourite restaurants and sometimes just my thoughts.  I’d also like to occasionally share some experiences I’ve had and the things I’ve learnt in my short 24 years on this Earth that perhaps you can relate to.  I am by no means an expert on anything, nor do I have it all figured out but hopefully you will be able to relate.

I’d love to hear from you and if you have any questions or things you’d like me to write about then please feel free to leave me a comment.

I hope you will enjoy Amber Denae Today as much as I’m going to enjoy writing it.

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Lots of love,

Amber Denae xxx

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