I’m definitely a Summer baby!

I don’t like the cold – and Cape Town Winters are COLD!

However, thanks to some fabulous items of clothing, I was able to keep warm and still feel confident despite comfort eating my way through the cold weather and not hitting the gym nearly enough (speaking of which, it’s time to get my Summer body back – YIKES!).

I thought, in honour of Winter being on it’s way OUT and Summer days creeping in, I would share a few of my favourite #OOTD/#OOTN’s with you from this past Winter season.

Forever 21 Poncho – perfect for hiding post-dinner food babies

My Winter wardrobe is not where I’d like it to be. I realised this Winter that I definitely don’t have enough (and warm enough) Winter clothes, so I’m going to have to invest in some for next year but I did have a few items that I really did recycle a lot this past season, simply because I absolutely love them.  If you follow me on Instagram you would know what I’m talking about…

The two items on my “go-to” list this Winter was my Maroon mini skirt from Woolworths and my thigh-high boots from Aldo.  When I wasn’t sure what to wear or when I was having a “I have nothing to wear” moment, I tended to gravitate towards these two items (in fact many times both at the same time.)

We all need that safety piece… The one we feel good in and is versatile.

My Aldo boots were by far my greatest purchase this year.  I had wanted a pair for ages and after a few glasses of wine at Willoughbys, I found myself trying them on and instantly falling in love with them.  Next thing I knew I was handing over my card and skipping out the store with my big shoe box in tow.  When I came to my senses I questioned whether I had made a huge (pricey) mistake, however I can safely say that they were money well spent. They went with just about anything and were so comfortable that I was certain I could do the Two Oceans in them without getting one blister.

My dream Aldo thigh-highs

My favourite colour for Winter was definitely maroon and although I didn’t buy too many items in that shade, I had fashion envy every time I saw a clothing item of that colour.  It was a colour that made me feel happy despite the cold and it was also a great alternative to my favourite Winter shade…all black.

Living in Cape Town means that if you are lucky enough, you might just get a Winter day for Summer to envy, and we experienced a few of those this year.  A day that fools all of us who live in Cape Town that Winter isn’t too bad and makes Joburgers jealous that we can hit the beach in July… These days were few and far between but they certainly helped to make Winter feel just a little bit shorter!

YDE Jersey + Jo Borkett Hat = The Perfect Pair


I was blessed with a day like this on my Birthday.

When we woke up, it looked like a scene straight out of ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and my hopes of a beautiful day were destroyed.  But by the time we were done doing presents and ready to head to Constantia Glen for lunch, the sun had come out and I was able to wear my carefully planned outfit which wasn’t too Wintery but also something that ensured I wouldn’t freeze.  That certainly got me smiling…


Fashion is something I am extremely passionate about and hope to write a lot more about going forward.  Planning outfits and deciding what to wear is something that I enjoy so much and is something that brings me a lot of happiness so I hope to share more of my fashion with you in the future.


Now that Summer is coming, I’m excited to pull out the shorts, crop tops and mini dresses again.  I’m also glad that I now have an excuse to wax my legs…It was a LONG Winter (no pun intended).  Summer makes me happy, and my Summer wardrobe makes me happier.


So let’s bid farewell to Winter and welcome Summer with open arms.  Bring on pool days & long nights, tanned tums and tight buns.

Cheers Winter, it’s been fun!

With love,

Amber Denae xxx


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