South Africa was under a strict lockdown for 2 full months which was both exceptionally stressful but also an amazing opportunity to reset and have some down time, outside of the rat race of normal, everyday life. For the first 5 weeks my husband and I moved in with my parents in order to have more space, seeing as we were not allowed to leave the house during those 5 weeks except for groceries and essentials.

I took this opportunity to work on my content and creativity which lined up perfectly with the Sony Alpha Photo challenge. They posted a challenge every day that you had to interpret in either photo or video form. This competition inspired me to come up with fresh new content and pushed me to be creative with my poses and settings. I believe that this time really allowed me to showcase my creativity and in turn I was able to encourage Nick to work on his photography skills too (which I think he also enjoyed). This gave me an amazing outlet to express myself and entertain myself despite the chaos around us. Below are some of the images we created both for the Sony challenge and just for the sake of creating cool content!

I tried to really create a large variety of photos, all in different areas of my parents’ house and I am super proud of how they came out. However, my favourite shoot of lockdown, and the one that was probably the most fun, was my 100’s & 1000’s shoot inspired by Kylie Katich, an Instagram influencer. Here’s how they turned out…

Which of the above images is/are your favourite? Let me know in the comments section.

Hope some of these images inspire you to push your boundaries and come up with new and exciting photo ideas at home.

Stay safe everyone xxx

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